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Wellkang is a registered EU Authorised Representative (EC Rep) in the European Commission's EU medical device database EUDAMED under a unique Single Registration Number (SRN): XI-AR-000001836 for the markets of EEA/EU27 & Northern Ireland. One can click here to verify online at EU European Commission's official website www.europa.eu.

Wellkang is also a registered UK Responsible Person (UKRP) in the UK MHRA medical device database for the market of Great Britain: England, Wales & Scotland, after 1 Jan 2021, which is no longer part of the EU single market after Brexit. One can click here to verify online at UK MHRA's official website www.mhra.gov.uk.

Wellkang Dover (UKRP-UK Resonsible Person) Office:
(UKRP address for GB-Great Britain market after 1 Jan 2021)

16 Castle St.
Dover, Kent, CT16 1PW

Wellkang Derry (EC Rep) Branch Office:
(SRN in EUDAMED: XI-AR-000001836)
(EC Rep address for EEA/EU27/NI markets after 1 Jan 2021)

Enterprise Hub, NW Business Complex,
1 Beraghmore Rd, Derry, BT48 8SE
Northern Ireland

Tel 1: +44(20)3287 6300
Tel 2: +44(33)3303 1126
Phone hours: Mon-Fri 09:30-15:30 GMT
(except weekends & holidays)

Former (Registered) Office:
29 Harley St.
London, W1G 9QR

Click here to view UK MHRA official guidance
on Brexit, EC Rep & UKRP after 1 Jan 2021.
Click here to view EU official Notice (on page 10)
about EC Rep based in Northern Ireland valid for entire EEA/EU27 & Northern Ireland markets after 1 Jan 2021.
Click here to view UK MHRA public database of
registered Class I Medical Devices bearing CE-marking (Registered IVDs remain confidential).

Portugal Offices

Algarve Office:

(coming soon)

Malta Offices

Malta Office:


(coming soon)

Republic of Ireland Offices

Dublin Office:
The Black Church, St. Mary's Place
Dublin 7, D07 P4AX

Ph 1: +353 (1) 25 42 900
Phone hours: Mon-Fri 09:30-15:00 GMT
(except weekends & holidays)

China (Authorised) Office:
Rm 915, 9/F, R&D Complex Building
Tsinghua Hi-Tech Park
High-Tech Industrial Park (North)
Nanshan District
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518057
China PR

Tel: +86(755)26676827
Fax: +86(755)26676927
Phone hours: Mon-Fri 09:30-16:30 Beijing Time.
(except weekends & holidays)

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